IM6000 RC


Searchlight IM6000 LED

The IM6000 LED 150W LED is designed as a searchlight for luxury vessels and patrol boats.


Led technology

Led technology

Stainless steel

Stainless steel housing and components.


Toughened frontglass.


Our searchlights are durable

General Dimensions

LxBxH= 420mmx330mmx308mm
Weight 17.5Kg

Technical Information

  • Stainless steel hood and foot
  • Anodized Aluminum interior for distributing the heat
  • Hardened glass
  • Long lasting Led life up to 50000 hour
  • Thermostatic controlled heater


  • Rotation 360 deg
  • Tilt movement 15 deg up and 20 deg down
  • Range 1100 meter 1 lux
  • Divergence -7 deg
  • 40°C < Operational temperature <50 °C
  • Voltage supply 230V

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